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Client Testimonials




"I started training with Jenny a year and half ago, after my annual check up revealed that I had osteopenia. Of course, I did not make the decision willingly, but after weeks of being hounded by my doctor, I finally gave in, called Jenny, and dragged myself to our first session. It was addictive. Before I knew it, I was seeing her three times a week, and continue to do so. Today I am physically much stronger and healthier than I have ever been.

Jenny’s expertise and professionalism, together with her humor, openness, and genuine care and concern, make it a pleasure. What I appreciate most about her is that she makes a point of constantly gauging your strengths and weaknesses, and customizes each session to always push you one step farther than you think you can go. 

And believe me, she will not relent until that one step has been taken!" - Sara K.

"There are many fantastic things I can say about the 6 years I've trained with Jenny, but for me, it all boils down to fitness integrity. There's not much point in doing something -- anything -- unless you're doing it right. I love that I learn the basics and proper techniques, and have an understanding from her of why I'm doing a lift or a stretch. That helps a little when it starts to burn! And Jenny's integrity and commitment to my well-being as a person makes our sessions one of the most necessary and grounding events of my week."  - Matt M.

"After exactly 1 year training with Jennifer Yim, I lost 5 pounds of fat and gained 3 pounds of muscle. I am 60 years old which is the new 40 if you train with Jennifer Yim. It was a lot of fun too!!!"  - Donna O.

"I always hated working out and was scared of the gym until I met Jenny. She customizes each workout to make it challenging, interesting and fun. We started using Jenny leading up to our wedding, but now we're hooked for life! To top it off, we've seen great results on our body fat measurements that motivate us to keep with it!"  - Jen & Nick D.

"My twice weekly personal training sessions with Jenny are critical to both my physical and mental well-being. The demands of my professional life and family life provide me with ample excuses to skip the gym. But I don’t. Simply put, I always feel better after a training session no matter how stressful the day.  During these one hour sessions, Jenny not only helps me to put in the work necessary to remain physically strong and durable, but also to achieve a level of focus and perspective that prepares me for the challenges of the day.  

Jenny is dedicated, experienced and holistic in her approach. My program is custom designed - she understands my strengths and weaknesses and never fails to ask about any aches, pains and/or injuries that could affect a workout or, worse, cause a longer-term issue   We discuss diet and nutrition, sleep, and other factors that impact general health and fitness.  In summary, Jenny is much more than a personal trainer - she is a true partner in managing my health and I am fortunate to work with her."  - Rob L.

"Following an injury, I am working with Jenny to rebuild my strength. She communicates with my other specialists and adheres to the protocols set for my recovery while constantly pushing my limits and endurance. She is an integral part of my rehabilitation team." - John M.

"I started training with Jenny about 8 months ago mainly because I was suffering from neck pain.  Well, the neck pain is under control which has allowed Jenny to increase the intensity of my workouts.  I don't know which was worse, the neck pain or the intense workouts!  All joking aside, notwithstanding the little white lies she tells about the first few sets being the hardest and then they get easier, my time with Jenny has been super productive and very diversified. I look forward to working with her for a very long time!" Rose O.

"I've had the pleasure to work with Jenny for the last four years.  As a runner and avid skier I requested that she change my training with the seasons to match my activities.  In addition to achieving my best marathon time ever it was also my most enjoyable, no doubt a result of our sessions.  I've also seen a stamina increase on the slopes as well, I can spend more time doing the sport I love most.  At 46 I have a few trouble spots and she has worked me through injury and ailment alike.  I look forward to training with Jenny both now and in the future."  - Chris G.

"Training with Jenny has truly propelled me to the next level of fitness. I am leaner and stronger than ever. Jenny brings total focus and dedication to her work, while she keeps an open mind always ready to solve new challenges."Fatim T.

"As an avid member of the fitness community for close to 15 years, I've tried countless classes, gyms, training exercises and completed two marathons. Working out with Jenny is different than anything else I've tried. It's not necessarily about the hardest workout or the biggest burn, but rather it's about constantly assessing and reassessing my strengths, weaknesses and form. Nothing gets by Jenny—she's always making sure you're not only pushing yourself, but you're doing it correctly and safely. I've also never worked with a trainer that is as dedicated to personalizing and changing up your workouts. No two workouts are the same—she doesn't set out one day giving all of her clients that same program. Instead, she's listening to your feedback and making ongoing assessments to set the following sessions workout. 

As a result of working with Jenny, I've gotten noticeably stronger and my body healthier and less prone to injury. The icing on the cake has been the small recommendations she's made to my office set up and nutrition, which have had a lasting effect on my posture and muscle tone."  - Jennifer C.

"My husband and I have been working with Jenny for over 4 years, and I have really come to love our early 6am sessions.  Jenny focuses on full body, functional movement; stressing proper form and alignment.  This is not a bicep or machine workout.  This is heavy weights, old school squats, kettle bells, push-ups, pull-ups and planks.  I am the strongest I have ever been in my life and I know these tough workouts compliment my active lifestyle and help prevent injury.  Jenny is very knowledgeable on how to recover from a set-back as well as proper nutrition and stress management.  Jenny pushes us farther than we would ever push ourselves.  Knowing that she is downstairs waiting for us keeps us accountable and motivated.  Jenny is a strong, no-nonsense trainer that will push you towards whatever your goals are…" - Jen R.

"Since choosing Jenny Yim as my trainer/adviser I have regained the confidence in making the right choices and that the power is mine to do or not do. That even after the age of fifty it is possible to lose weight without cutting out what I love to eat and that it is all about small amounts and keep moving. Jenny debunks the myths and gives advice in a soothing voice without judgement." - Mary C.

"I started working out with Jenny after years with a previous trainer. I like Jenny's approach. She makes customized workouts for each session and really listens to my goals and what I want to accomplish. She has consistently helped me reach my goals, including being physically prepared for a strenuous hiking trip this winter." - Debra B.

"I find my exercise training lead by Jennifer Yim to be most important to not only my physical health but even more importantly to my mental health."  - Richard B.